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The City

The Centro Colombo Americano of Medellín is a non-profit cultural center which emphasizes the teaching of English to Colombian citizens.  The Colombo was founded more than 60 years ago—in 1947—by a group of Colombian and U. S. citizens with the common goal of sharing cultures.  Located in the Aburrá Valley and surrounded by the beautiful Andes Mountain range, Medellín is the second largest city in Colombia, and has a population of approximately 3’000.000 inhabitants.


Our Faculty

The Colombo employs 75 full time staff members, 110 teachers of which the majority are Colombians with a few from the United States, Canada, and England and 80 work study students.



Our English programs have an enrollment of approximately 5.000 per month in three different programs; children’s (5 to 12 year olds), adolescent (13 -16 year olds) and adults (16 +).


Our Curriculum

Our English programs for children, adolescents and adults are centered on the development of the four linguistic skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The programs consist of 16 modules of basic and intermediate levels plus an array of advanced levels that students can take to acquire proficiency in English.

Our methodology is based on the use of the language through the development of dynamic activities inside and outside of the classroom.  Teachers use a wide variety of authentic materials that allow students to learn the language through the creation of projects, the use of English in everyday and common situations, the exploration of themes and critical thinking.  Each course is accompanied by a standard system of assessment and evaluation.



The Colombo Americano offers its language classes at various sites throughout the city, three for our children and adolescent’s program and two for our adult’s program.  Our main site is located in the center of downtown Medellín and not only has 53 classrooms and a multimedia learning lab for its students but also offers the city in general 2 theaters that focus on independent programming, a gallery of contemporary art, a library housing more than 70.000 volumes including video and music titles.  Our San Fernando Plaza site houses the only English bookstore in the city.


Contracts and Vacation Periods

Contracts are for 11 months with the possibility of renewal at the end of each one.  Each contract has an initial probation period that allows both the institution and the teacher to analyze how well a fit he or she is for the Colombo.  Teachers generally begin work in the middle or January and their contract ends in the middle of December.  There are generally two short vacation periods, a week for Easter and a week in July.  The institution is closed for about a month from the middle of December until the middle of January.  Teachers are not under contract during this period.



Salaries are based on a ten-category pay system which takes into account the pre-service teacher’s university degrees, certifications and years of experience.  Category advancement for in-service teachers relies mainly on the number of work accumulated teaching and professional development hours, degrees and certificates earned.  All category assignments and decisions of advancement are left to the discretion of the Academic Director.


Work Visa

In order to be legally employed in Colombia you must have a work visa. The Colombo Americano, through the Human Resource Department, will help you with this procedure and direct you to the closest Colombian consulate in your area.  As of this writing, the visa cost of the work visa is $205 US and is reimbursed upon signing your first work contract.



Tourist air travel expenses are paid from the closest international airport from your home to Medellín. At the end of the original contract, return fare to Miami International Airport is also paid.  The Colombo Americano also offers negotiable partial or full airfare to Miami International Airport at the end of each full contract worked.  The awarding of this ticket is left to the discretion of the Academic Director and Human Resources Director.


Living Stipend

The Colombo Americano also gives foreign teachers a living stipend of about US$175 per month per person.  This stipend is generally used for room and board expenses.


Medical Coverage

All teachers are protected by a Colombian Medical Plan. Benefits include medical care (office visits, medicine, hospitalization and dental care for accidents). Glasses and dental are not included.


Colombian Legal Deductions

By law, all employees in Colombia have 4% deducted from their salary for Health and 3.9% for Pension Fund every month.


Apply for Work at the Colombo Americano

If you are interested in applying for employment at the Colombo Americano as an English teacher, please send your current curriculum vitae along with three work and/or professional reference to the Human Resources Department: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla. .


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